Member Companies

Harlem Biospace is a hub for biotech innovators in NYC and the core of this community are the companies that call Hb home. Through a competitive application cycle every six months, we select some of the region’s most promising early stage ventures to work from Hb.


Our current batch of companies includes:


Solutions for protein characterization


Developing microorganisms to improve the taste and nutritional profile of a wide range of food products and ingredients through controlled fermentations.

Developing a novel, non-biodegradable device to reliably treat cartilage injuries.

Contact: Tony Chen

Therapeutics and discovery tools for obesity and diabetes.

Contact: Brian Gillette

Hydrogels for 3D cell culture and bioprinting.

Contact: Elia Lopez-Bernardo


Using DNA sequencing and AI to rapidly identify microorganisms

Contact: Dora Nagy-Szakal

Preventing infections with UV technology.

Contact: Chanond Sophonpanich

Developing immunotherapeutic vaccines against tumor-associated antigens using its SV vector.

Using the tools of 21st century molecular biology to produce recombinant derivatives of botulinum neurotoxin (BoNT).

Contact: Edwin Vazquez

Addressing some of society’s biggest medical challenges and unmet medical needs.

Contact: George Tetz

Providing underserved students with hands-on science and engineering educational and mentorship experiences.

Contact: Devin Wilson

Development of novel devices and biologics for tissue regeneration.

Repurposing toxic industrial sulfur wastes as an energy-dense feedstock for sustainable production of fuels and chemicals.

Contact: Timothy Kernan

Inventing microfabricated devices for human health diagnostics.

MicroRNA for personalized medicine - improved diagnostics & disease management of pulmonary hypertension.

Contact: Gabriele Grunig & Serhiy Pylawka

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Shodex™ manufactures innovative polymer-based HPLC columns including size-exclusion chromatography, HILIC, and sugar analysis columns.

Contact: Ronald Benson

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Summit Biomedical Imaging LLC is developing new point-of-care technologies for screening, diagnosis, and margin detection of cancer

Contact: Christian Brand

Revolutionary nanomedicine bone targeted drug delivery and controlled release platform technology for the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions.

Contact: Seth Harlem

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Developing green technologies for industrially relevant molecules.


Highlighted Alumni


Developing a novel series of small molecule therapeutics for suppressing tumors.

Grow your own bone.

Developing mitochondrial DNA based biomarkers for cancer and developmental disorders.

Reinventing allergy diagnostics.


Formulating novel antimicrobial polymers.

The future of sweet.

Developing therapeutics to treat diseases caused by imbalances in the gut microbial ecosystem.

Tissue models for rapid testing of the safety and efficacy of drugs with an initial focus on cardiological microtissues.