Applying to Harlem Biospace

What We Offer

Rent is $995 per desk per month. 6-month commitment only. No equity asked.

Equipment – Turnkey access to cell-culture hood, incubators (5 and 10 percent carbon dioxide), benchtop centrifuge, autoclave, chemical fume hood, microscopy, freezers, and fridge space, all at no added cost

Community – Unlimited 24/7 access to a physical space and community of like-minded biotech entrepreneurs to share ideas and experiences

Space – One ergonomic work desk, one shared wet-lab bench (two desks share one bench), all utilities, wifi, and printing

Mentorship – One-on-one guidance with leading mentors, investors, and practitioners

Events & Classes – Learn about the business of biotech and launching a small business


Q: Am I eligible to apply?

A: Our space is open for life-science startup companies with a demonstrated need for wet-lab space. You are eligible if you meet all of the following criteria:

  • Your work has an experimental component. Examples include: small-molecule drug discovery, biotech with recombinant products, medical devices, in vitro diagnostics, research tools, genomics, and proteomics. At the moment, health IT without a device component does not qualify. If you are uncertain, please contact us.
  • Your work originated from a NYC-based academic medical institution. Exceptions can be considered with proof of a strong commitment to continue development in New York City.
  • Your company is in an early stage of development. Strong preference will given to companies before Series A funding. Your company should have at least one employee or founder.


Q: What is the application process?

A: The application form is available below. The application asks prospective tenants to provide information about the company, including the commercial potential of their technology, a description of milestones needed to graduate from the incubator within a maximum of 3 years, and a letter from a reference familiar with their work. Applicants must also complete a safety questionnaire.


Q: What is the selection process?

A: The selection criteria includes: commercialization potential of technology, quality and commitment of management team, and commitment to continue work in NYC. A selection committee composed of investors, entrepreneurs, and biotech professionals will review your application. If accepted, your space will be confirmed upon receipt of two months’ security deposit, which will be returned to you at the end of your stay.


Q: When is the application deadline?

A: Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.  We carried out our first round of applications in the summer of 2013 (for move in on November 1, 2013) and offers were made to the best ventures from this batch. Remaining spaces will be filled on a rolling basis to qualified applicants.


Q: It says that one lab bench will come with two desks. If I want a lab bench and only one desk, can I still apply?

A: Yes. If selected, you will share the lab bench with one other tenant. Our team is experienced in providing a suitable match. If you would like to request a company to share a lab bench with, please be sure companies submit their applications and indicate that they want to share a bench. For many companies, two desks with their own lab bench would be a good option to consider.


Q: What are the terms of the agreement? For how long can tenants remain at Hb?

A: The membership agreement is for 6 months and renewable afterwards on a month-to-month basis.  


Q: What additional costs are tenants responsible for?

A: You will be responsible for your own insurance. We will be happy to provide suggestions to guide you through the insurance process. Tenants will also be required to complete a Certificate of Fitness as administered by the New York City Fire Department (FDNY). The cost is $25 for a new certificate.


Q: What if I need specialized facilities or equipment?

A: One of the greatest things about Hb is that we are located within a 10-minute walk of numerous research institutions. We’re here to help you — let us know what equipment or facilities you need and we will try to make it happen on a fee-for-service basis. You can also store your own equipment on your bench or in a lockable cabinet that is provided free of charge.


Q: What types of classes and events will be held?

A: We will be hosting dynamic classes to learn about the business of biotech (including IP and legal advice) and provide access to exclusive Hb programs, personalized support, and top biotech mentors around the city. The core portion of these programs is free for our tenants. Stay tuned.


Q: How is the City of New York Involved?

A: Harlem Biospace is an initiative of the Bloomberg Administration, the City of New York, and New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC). In a strategic review of the life sciences and healthcare sectors in NYC, called Eds & Meds NYC 2020, NYCEDC held extensive conversations with senior academic stakeholders, investors and entrepreneurs in NYC, and beyond. According to stakeholders, there was consensus that the city can play a more active role in championing an entrepreneurial culture among NYC’s academic research and clinical care communities, including creating incubator space and training programs for biotech entrepreneurs. Harlem Biospace is part of a portfolio of initiatives designed to support the life science and healthcare industry. Click here for information on NYCEDC’s bioscience programs.

Please contact with further questions.